DROWSY Silk Sleep Mask. Face-Hugging, Padded Silk Cocoon for Luxury Sleep in Total Darkness. (Dusty Gold)


Introducing Drowsy, the world’s most luxurious silk sleep mask! This multi-award-winning mask is trusted and loved by beauty editors and celebrities around the world for its 100% light-blocking feature and cloud-like touch.

Made from 22 momme, pure mulberry silk, Drowsy is specially commissioned and made to strict standards of quality manufacture. It features big, squishy, cloud-like padding for even and low pressure across the face and a fully adjustable design that stays on your face in all sleep positions.

Enjoy the wrap-around skin and hair protection feature that keeps your delicate skin and hair protected from friction and damage. Drowsy is perfect for all head sizes and maximizes light-blocking for a glorious sleeping experience every night.

Join our best-selling sleep mask revolution and experience the sensation of Drowsy as you sleep!

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