Heavy Sleeper Weighted Blankets for Adults, Grey Blanket, 100% Cotton, Autism, Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief


Introducing the perfect solution for a good night’s sleep – the Heavy Sleeper weighted anxiety blanket. Designed to provide deep pressure therapy and a calming effect, this gravity blanket is perfect for adults who struggle with sleep or anxiety. Made with premium materials, our breathable 7-layer structure ensures maximum softness and comfort without feeling the glass beads bulging through. Plus, our advanced sewing technology and high-end fabrics ensure optimal weight distribution for a perfect night’s rest. And as a bonus, we offer a bundle of free items, including a weighted blanket cover, eye mask, ear plugs, luxurious pouch, and durable PVC carry bag. With our 1-month return and replacement service and lifetime free customer service, you can buy with confidence. Don’t settle for less – rest easy and sleep better with the Heavy Sleeper weighted anxiety blanket.

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