AFEXOA Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light with Sunrise Simulation, White Noise Machine, 10 Nature Sounds


Inspired by the sunrise at sea, this wake-up light alarm clock features a semi-circular LED screen and wood grain frame for a modern and stylish look. The light gradually glows from red to bright yellow 5-60 minutes before your wake-up time. Choose from 6 alarm sounds, including soft music and natural sounds up to 110 dB for heavy sleepers, and customize alarm and snooze settings. The touch lamp features warm white, 7 monochrome, and 5 colorful ambient lights with 5 brightness levels. This clock also includes 10 soothing sounds and a sleep timer with automatic shut-off. The temperature display can be set in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and there’s a 5V/2A USB slot that doubles as a power bank to charge your electronic devices. Ideal for kids, teenagers, and adults, this natural light alarm clock makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

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