Philips Wake Up Light – SmartSleep Technology, 5 Natural Alarm Sounds, Coloured Sunrise Simulation


Improve your morning routine with the Philips Light Alarm Clock. This innovative clock provides a 30-minute increasing sunrise simulation to help you wake up naturally, feeling refreshed and energized. Choose from 5 natural alarm sounds to start your day off on the right foot.

Additionally, the Philips Light Alarm Clock offers a sunset simulation to help you fall asleep faster, with the light gradually dimming over time. With 20 brightness settings that can be personalized to reach up to 300 lux level, you can customize the light to suit your preferences.

The Philips Light Alarm Clock also features an easy-to-use tap-to-snooze button on top of the light. Plus, the display light can be dimmed for your nighttime routine, ensuring you get a good night’s rest.

Upgrade your sleep routine and start your day off on the right foot with the Philips Light Alarm Clock. Wake up naturally to a simulated sunrise, choose your preferred alarm sound, and fall asleep faster with the sunset simulation. With customizable brightness settings and easy-to-use features, this light alarm clock is the perfect addition to any bedroom.

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