Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light – 7 Colors Atmosphere Lamp


Introducing an Intelligent Sunrise / Sunset Simulation Alarm Clock, designed to make waking up easier and more comfortable. With a gradual increase in light from 10% to 100%, and a gentle shift in color from red to sunlight, 97% of users reported an improvement in their morning routine with this light.

The upgraded snooze function provides an extra 9 minutes of sleep after the initial alarm, and with 20 levels of brightness, users can adjust the wake-up light to the perfect brightness at bedtime. The USB jack port on the back of the alarm clock can also be used to power and charge phones.

The Dual Alarm Function allows for two sets of alarms without affecting each other, and users can even set different alarms for weekdays and weekends. Enjoy waking up to music or news with the FM Radio function, which supports manual/auto searching of radio stations and saves up to 60 stations in the play list.

With 7 natural sounds to choose from and 7 LED light colors, users can customize their wake-up experience to fit their preferences. This versatile alarm clock can also be used as a reading light, bedside lamp, or atmosphere light. Say goodbye to the stress of waking up in the morning with our Intelligent Sunrise / Sunset Simulation Alarm Clock.

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